FileFolderPacker class

Implements Korzh.DbUtils.IDataPacker and Korzh.DbUtils.IDataUnpacker interfaces to store the data as files in some folder. Each packed entry - is one file.

public class Korzh.DbUtils.Packing.FileFolderPacker
    : IDataPacker, IDataUnpacker


Type Name Description
void FinishPacking() Finishes the packing. Use this operation to flush the data, close used streams, etc
void FinishUnpacking() Finishes the unpacking.
Stream OpenStreamForPacking(String entryName) Opens the stream for packing.
Stream OpenStreamForUnpacking(String entryName) Opens the stream for one entry we are going to unpack.
void StartPacking(String fileExtension) Starts the packing process.
void StartUnpacking(String fileExtension) Starts the unpacking.